1999 pontiac grand prix manual

I replaced the motor and resistor already.
My 2001 Grand Am Misfire Driving.Changed Spark Plugs The car intermittently misses under normal driving conditions every once in a while.1998 pontiac Firebird turn signals.Clicking sound on take off After replacing axle and CV joint in 2004 Grand Prix. One transmission code and one code for my hub assemblies virtual dj le serial key needing replaced.2001 Grand Prix Brakes Light When I turn the key on my Pontiac, the brake lights are always.We are always adding to this list.2006 Grand Prix Lights Flash and Humming Noise My car battery was dead.There is no spark from the ignition coils.Sometime the car will stall after revving it up a little.Does not have it, can i add.Turn signal and backup lights are working fine.1998 GTP grand Prix Has No Power My car has a check engine light codes P0730, P0742 ans P1810.
2001 Pontiac TransAm Shifting Problems I have had the transmission rebuilt, but after driving it will lose 4th gear.

Pontiac Grand Prix Brakes Grab Is it safe to drive my car?Radiator seems to be flowing good.One or more of the lobes is worn so the valve is not opening all the way, or not at all.Have replaced the ignition coils, fuel injectors and spark plugs.Code U3f00 I have and engine light code Uf300 in the PCM.Checked all fuses and relays.Brake lights stay.I need to know how to change the spark plugs.Still getting engine misfires.
2006 G6 Car is very sluggish when accelerating up a hill.