3m camcorder projector cp45r review

According to 3M, when it introduced the first generation 3M Camcorder Projector game blood ties full version Shoot 'n Share CP40 (299 list, 3 stars) the company thought of it as a pico projector with a camcorder, but a lot of people who buy it see it as a camcorder.
It does its job, and the video is just fine.
Ahh, dont listen.
The line didn't show in any of the video I took with CP45 itself however.Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector (400 street, 4 stars can connect to either a composite video source or to a computer's VGA port.You can store the video you record onto either 2GB of built-in memory, or optional MicroSD card (up to 32GB).That is, except for the little flaps covering the ports and micro SD slot.Brightness and Image Quality, i tested the CP45 with a fios set-top box and a Blu-ray xperia sola hd games player as well as with videos I took with its built-in camcorder and with photos from its 5-megapixel still camera.The 20-lumen rating translates to being bright enough to watch a 40-inch-wide image comfortably for only a short time, even in theater-dark lighting.Whats more, neither of these combined gizmos appears on paper at least to have been as compromised as we might have expected.The top includes.4-inch LCD display that you can use as a monitor while taking photos and video and also use as a display for playback if you'd rather not use the projector.Video quality is pretty much what youd expect from a pocket cam.These things are both delicious, but they dont go together well.
As for the projector part of the CP45, its claimed to deliver an image up to 65in across with a brightness of 20 Lumens a quite high figure by starcraft 2 big game hunters Pico projector standards.

Down the sides are a silver on/off slider and a fair roster of connections that includes an AV input (for receiving composite video and stereo audio signals via a provided adaptor a mini hdmi output (no cable for this is provided the microSD card slot.But it definitely deserves to be dwelled on, for its one of the most attractive bits of gadgetry weve seen.However, on the announcement of their new projectors and the pocket cam I am reviewing, I felt they might be slipping a bit.But also very attractive is its high-gloss white finish, complete with a clear top-sheet that ensures that the buttons on the bottom half of the fascia and the screen all co-exist in the same smooth plane.Connection, panel : Composite (RCA hDMI, memoryCard, uSB * item is not applicable, unpublished, or unknown.Contrast : 200:1, auto Iris : No, resolution : 800x600, aspect Ratio : 4:3 (svga video Modes : data Modes.