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Freshwater bodies can sustain bronze dragons too, though adapting tothese environments is slow andpainful.
Dragons are a rare sight.
If the characters do well (as described in max payne 2 setup file the "Success" paragraph below the dragon refrains fromattacking foraround.It might incorporate traps in the form of deadfalls, slides, and shifting tun nels.The characters might be able toovercome the challenge of the encounter without beating every Singlemonster down to0 hit points.Geluso, Joanna rley, Jessica Kristine, JeanNelson Managing Editing KimMohan Director of D DR DandBook Publishing BillSiavicsek D DCreativeManager Christopher Perkins D DDesignManager James Wyatt D DDevelopment andEditing Manager Andy Collins D DSenior Art Director Jon Schindehette Art Director MariKolkowsky Cover Illustration pes 2011 game pc ToddLockwood (front Chippy (back).Todetermine if the characters are part of a par ticular prophecy or religious revelation and, if they are, how best tomanipulate them tothe.J dragon's ends.Erathis Nothing ismore important to dragon followersof Erathis than achieVing stability through invention and lawfulness.The dragon might havethe same patron asthe characters, andmight try to curry favorwith the patron and make the characters look incompetent or untrustworthy in the process.The adventurers must discover why the dragon is attacking and restore the peace.Eventhose metallic dragons that do not seek dominion over lesser races are often bound tothem in other me are champions of goodor evil, some are obsessed with oldmagic or ancient causes, and some are subtle manipulators engaged in a great game spanning the centuries.Silver dragons hate reddragons, but they also distrust the imperial ambitions ofgold dragons and dislike the avarice of copper dragons.The spikes stand onendwhen the dragon isexcited- particularly when it's enraged.Thestatusimperative Any time a dragon interacts with a new creature socially, it immediately assesses how much of a strug glethe new creature would put up in a fight.Its snout issleeker than those of other dragons.Forinstance, older dragons need wider doorways toaccommodate their bulk.
Chapter2I DM'sGuidetoDra80ns Failure: The dragon contemptuously dismisses the characters' arguments, and if possible ends the inter action altogether.
Metallicdragon patrons A copper dragon working with the characters might be an advisor, suggesting future adventures and providing key clues.

Wyrmlings livewith a parent orparents forsev eral years, but are already willfully independent.Youwant an answer ready when a char acter asks, "How come you don't just fl y over there and do it yourself?" And because a dragon's power istiedtoitsage, a dragon patron doesn't increase in power at the same rate that the characters.In the firstfewrounds of a battle, an orium dragon is quiet, uttering only the occasional grunt of pain (when hit) or derisive chuckle (when hitting).They are resources tobe expended rather than individuals to be acknowledged.This might beas blatant as a "Youmight be able to talk your way out of this" clue.A gooddragonmight choose to destroy a band of heroes to defend some site or artifact, to fulfillan ancient oath, or toprevent a great evil.Once, when asked about itsastonishing outburst of wrath, a silver dragon replied, "They cannot be allowed toreach critical numbers." Despite their drivetokill, most metallic dragons do notcrusade against chromatic dragons.
Bahamut The celestial platinum dragon who embodies the fair ness, nobilHy, and strength ofIo, Bahamut represents the foundation of metallic dragon worship and is universally respected by allmetallic dragons, regard less of their faith.
A steelmight spark a rebellionto overthrow an oppressive regime, evenif doing so couldleadtothe destruction of its adopted community.