99 names of allah with meaning and benefits pdf

77 Al-Waali The Holder of Supreme Authority The Governor, The One who owns things and manages them.
Translate, photos, more, shopping, docs, books, blogger.35 Ash-Shakoor The Acknowledging One The Grateful, The Appreciative, The One who gives a lot of reward for a little obedience.70 Al-Muqtadir The All Authoritative One The Powerful, The Dominant, The One with the perfect Power that nothing is withheld from Him.18 Al-Fattah The Supreme Solver The Opener, The Reliever, The Judge, The One who opens for His slaves the closed worldly and religious matters.11 Al-Khaaliq The Creator The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence 12 Al-Baari The Evolver The Maker, The Creator who has the Power to turn the entities.16 Al-Wahhab The Supreme Bestower The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return.Maps,, play, gmail, drive, calendar, google.Al-Mughnee (The Enricher) If you recite Darood 11 times, recite this name of Allah 1111 times, recite Darood again 11 times and then Surah Muzzammil (Surah 73) after Fajr or Isha Salaah (prayer), you will be granted both material and spiritual wealth.If naruto episode 62 english subbed you desire good and pious children, write this name of Allah and keep it with you all the time, Allah will fulfill your desire.If you recite this name of Allah constantly, Allah will safeguard you against all calamities.
If something may be achieved by boycotting the person, then we do it; if no purpose will be served by it, or if it will only make him more disobedient and arrogant, then we should avoid doing that, because whatever serves no purpose,.

Al-Waajid (The Finder if you recite this name of Allah continuously while having food, the food will become a source of strength, illumination and Noor (light) for your heart.If you recite this name of Allah 10 times in the presence of a tyrant, you will soon be freed from the opression of the tyrant.Rather, he remains a Muslim, but he has done a gravely evil action.79 Al-Barr The Fountain-Head of Truth The Source of All Goodness, The Righteous, The One who is kind to His creatures, who covered them with His sustenance and specified whoever He willed among them by His support, protection, and special mercy.63 Al-Qayyoom The Self-Subsisting One The One who remains and does not end.Al-Muqaddim (The Expediter if you recite this name of Allah abundantly at the time of war or during a righteous struggle in the path of Allah, Allah will give you courage to make advances and safeguard you from the enemy.Al-Barr (The Source of All Goodness) If you are in the habit of taking intoxicants or committing adultery or indulging in any other evil, recite this name of Allah 7 times daily.27 Al-Baseer The All-Seeing The All-Noticing, The One who Sees all things that are seen by His Eternal Seeing without a pupil or any other instrument.75 Az-Zaahir The Perceptible The Manifest, The One that nothing is above Him and nothing is underneath Him, hence He exists without a place.
This question involves two issues, bidah (innovation) and shirk (polytheism, association of others with Allaah).
74 Al-Akhir The Infinite Last One The Last, The One whose Existence is without an end.