activex plugin internet explorer 9

To work with the Firefox or chrome, you need to use the ff-activex-host or IE Tab Plus or other add-ons.
Unfortunately, because many ActiveX ti 84 plus mario game controls arent automatically updated, they can become outdated as new versions are released.Steps 1, click on "Tools" in the Internet Explorer toolbar.Ick the Security tab.Allowed/Blocked Whether IE blocked the ActiveX control.Out-of-date Blocked The loaded ActiveX control is explicitly blocked by the IE version list because it is out-of-date.A single domain on which outdated ActiveX controls won't be blocked.Outdated ActiveX controls are never blocked in the Intranet Zone.If you want to use it at the Mozila Firefox, you need to install the ActiveX control support add in in the FireFox.1.Right-click on the icon you use to launch Internet Explorer and select Run as Administrator.
Make the following options available under ActiveX controls and plug-ins to either enable or Prompt: Download signed ActiveX controls, run ActiveX controls and plug-ins, script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.
Xml or versionlistWin7.xml file to determine whether an ActiveX control should be stopped from loading.

The URL of the page that loaded the ActiveX control.Logs ActiveX control information.If you prefer a greater amount of security, just leave the settings as they are.In the file, you can type: regsvr32 " c:testofficeviewer.1 or not configured.Depending on your IE security settings, you may encounter these steps to download and install activex control in the client.Logs ActiveX control information (including the source URI that loaded the control and whether it was blocked) to a local file.Browser companies regularly release updates that fix browser flaws and security holes.However, although we dont recommend it, you can view the missing webpage content by tapping or clicking Run this time.
This option opens the app without updating or fixing the problem.