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2712 Mehra Rechenberg 1987 Whitehead, Alfred North; and Russell, Bertrand (1913) Principia Mathematica to *56, Cambridge at the University Press, Cambridge UK (republished 1962) cf page 162ff.
(1992 "LU Decomposition and Its Applications Numerical Recipes in fortran: The consumed by your poison Art of Scientific Computing (PDF) (2nd.
) His earliest use of the term "matrix" occurs in 1850 in:.
Prentice Hall Bronson, Richard (1970 Matrix Methods: An Introduction, New York: Academic Press, lccn Bronson, Richard (1989 Schaum's outline of theory and problems of matrix operations, New York: McGrawHill, isbn Brown, William.This can be used to compute the matrix exponential e A, a need frequently arising in solving linear differential equations, matrix logarithms and square roots of matrices.However, the explicit point of view of matrices tends to obfuscate the matter, 71 and the abstract and more powerful tools of functional analysis can be used instead.The set of all m -by- n matrices is cricket games 2004 for pc denoted ( m, n ).It attempts to approximate the solution to some equation by piecewise linear functions, where the pieces are chosen with respect to a sufficiently fine grid, which in turn can be recast as a matrix equation.Though the product of matrices is not in general commutative yet certain matrices form fields known as matrix fields.
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Computational aspects edit Matrix calculations can be often performed with different techniques.

Main types edit Name Example with n 3 Diagonal matrix a a a 33 displaystyle Lower triangular matrix a 11 line 6 pod xt live patch 0 0 a 21 a 22 0 a 31 a 32 a 33 displaystyle Upper triangular matrix a 11 a 12 a 13.35 The determinant of a product of square matrices equals the product of their determinants: det( AB ) det( A ) det( B ).42 The polynomial p A in an indeterminate X given by evaluation the determinant det( X I n A ) is called the characteristic polynomial.Applications of the theory of matrices.Displaystyle mathbf A a_2nvdots vdots ddots vdots a_m1 a_m2 cdots a_2nvdots vdots ddots vdots a_m1 a_m2 cdots mathbb R mtimes.Reflection through the vertical axis Squeeze mapping with r3/2 Scaling by a factor of 3/2 Rotation by /6R 30.25 0 1 displaystyle displaystyle 3 / 2 0 0 2 / 3 displaystyle 3 / 2 0 0 3 / 2 displaystyle cos (.Identity matrix edit Main article: Identity matrix The identity matrix I n of size n is the n -by- n matrix in which all the elements on the main diagonal are equal to 1 and all other elements are equal to 0, for example,.For the physics topic, see.Everitt William Everitt mathematician Jonathan David Farley Giovanni Felder Zuming Feng Achim Flammenkamp home page.It is possible to consider matrices with infinitely many columns and rows.
Each element of a matrix is often denoted by a variable with two subscripts.
Geometry of Lie groups.