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There are several features that benefit from this: All calculations based on structures (properties, NMR spectra, etc.) will first expand the molecule, so proper results will now be obtained when using condensed formulas.
Users in the US were not affected by this bug.Each identifier has display content and a name.Keyboard shortcuts have been intuitively assigned to almost all menu items.Press and drag over any objects to be removed and they will be highlighted.The ChemSpider database has been integrated into the MolGrabber widget.Auto-rendering of implicit hydrogens in atom labels.Burmese Junta soldier with rubber AK slung on back, the front sight on this has a hole.Additional CSS files can be added to the ChemDoodle/settings/css folder.Fixed issue that caused a crash when reading a corrupted workspace file.A new keyboard shortcut for adding attributes to hovered objects, Shift-A.
Fixed certain checks after using keyboard shortcuts.
Fixed crash if non-recognized colors were present in ChemDoodle Documents.

Bond z-order is now preserved when copying and pasting structures.Added templates pack #2 containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.IChemLabs Updater entrepreneurial finance smith pdf now works with the Oracle JRE on Mac.Fixed various minor errors.The automatic display of terminal carbon labels is now disabled by default.Additions Added a new Calligraphy stroke style for bonds.This will most genki ii textbook pdf likely be the last bugfix update before ChemDoodle 3 is released.
Colored in ring guides no longer appear in output.