articulate storyline update 2

Fixed issue where drag items in drag-and-drop interactions wouldn't always show in html5 output.
Fixed issue where html5 audio wouldn't play in iOS.
Tables are a valuable accessibility feature, communicating to screen readers how data is organized and gta san andreas copland 2006 game providing context for learners.How Do I Upgrade?If youre a Platinum Membership Plan (PMP) customer and entitled to a free product upgrade, redeem your upgrade here.Updates are free for Storyline 3 licensees.When you open an existing project in Storyline 2, you'll be asked to upgrade.Added html5 support for Google Chrome 44 and later on desktop and laptop computers.Can I Open Storyline 2 Projects in Storyline 1?We're working on finalizing Studio '13 Update 7 for iOS 9 support, which we'll animal crackers in my soup release soon.Update 7 (1410.2419) Was Released October 24, 2014.Where Do I Download the Free Trial?Fine-tune imported captions or quickly add new ones with the help of caption placeholders that are already synced with your audio and video content.

Fixed issue where quiz questions submitted all at once wouldn't be scored properly in html5 output.Fixed issue where audio wouldn't play when revisiting slides in html5 output.OK, All This Sounds Great.A fully functional, 30-day free trial can be downloaded here.Have questions about upgrading to Articulate Storyline 2?Fixed issue where the letter Q would be omitted from search results.Fixed issue where learners could continue taking sothink swf decompiler 7.4 serial mac a quiz after the timer expired.Added support for Apple iOS.Added support for quiz title to display in printed results.
If you're not a PMP customer, you can purchase a Storyline upgrade here.
Fixed issue where question and feedback text would disappear when retrying a hotspot question in html5 output.