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Hardness: An earthbender with the windows 8 all version activator link Compact seed can increase the hardness of her golem by adding 2 to theEarthbending DC for every 1 point of hardness she wishes to add.
An airbender mustonly make one Airbending check for all projectiles r Burst (Template)Base DC: 10By adding an workgroup windows server 2008 additional 10 to the bending check, the airbender may apply this template to his Air Blast.
Defensive Roll (Ex At 6th level, the Dai Li Agent can roll with a potentially lethal blow to take less damage from it than she otherwise would.
Many Firebenders are stubbornly individualistic and do not profess any strong religious ckground Many Firebenders receive their training through the military, becoming soldiers in the Fire Nationarmy.Size: The earthbender can increase the size of the golem by adding 5 to the DC for every size increase desired, creating an animated object of the appropriate size.He loses this bonus when he wheres armor or is carrying more than a light load.Will Save, special, seeds Known 1st, sense the lifestream, Greater Healing Waters 0 2nd, direct the flow 1 3rd Innate Understanding 2 4th Revitalizing Pool 3 5th Reutrn to the Lifestream 4 /table Requirements To qualify to become a disciple of healing waters, a character.An earthbender gains a 8 Competence bonus on all Climb checks.For every 5 bywhich the Earthbenders skill check exceeds the base DC, the distance at which she can detect lies increases by 5feet.The Avatar may also safely overbend an amount of Constitution damage equal to twice his character level with no penalty.
Special Attacks The Avatar State (Su When in situations of extreme duress and in life threatening situations where escape is almost impossible, a special defensive ability known as the Avatar State is awakened in the Avatar.
Tunnel By digging directly into the earth, in which case she begins by making a hole (as above) and then making itdeeper, or making it horizontal beneath the ground.

The projectiles are launched in a line, the length of whichis equal to the airbenders bending range.Creatures farther away have total concealment (50 miss chance, and the attacker cantuse sight to locate the target).This works on an area of worked stone as above, but the wall can balances on itsown and can be pushed over with a DC 15 Strength check or by using Move a Rock, dealing damage according to itsheight as falling damage.The airbender may locate himselfany where inside the 5ft wide section of the tornado and may change position as a swift action.Other Classes airbenders are masters of defense and evasion.The Dai Li Agent adds twice his Dai Li Agent level to the difficulty of the tracking roll.A flat-footed bender can never make more than a singleDeflect Attack r example, a 15th level earthbenders Base Attack Bonus allows her to make 3 iterative attacks.Earth Jump: Using this seed, an Earthbender can transport herself through the earth to any point within 25 e Earthbenders starting and ending points must be connected by a contiguous area of earth or stone at least 5 feetthick at all points.Deflect Attack Base DC: 5 Early in their training, benders learn to block or deflect attacks directed at them and their companions.
The Avatar (Template)Creating the Avatar"Avatar" is an inherited template that can be added to any living, corporeal human (referred to hereafter as the basecreature).The Avatar uses all the base creatures statistics and special abilities except as noted ze and TypeThe creatures type does not change.