bde install windows 7 64

Click OK to exit the Registry Key Permissions dialog box.
your app should function properly).Unfortunately, neither 32 bit nor 64 bit Win 7 will allow a simple install of this.reg file even with being logged in as local administrator and minecraft dayz mod multiplayer UAC turned off.Delphi 20: Delphi g-force pc game full 20 install without obvious issues but apparently requires a hotfix to stop the IDE / debugger crashing.In our example, this is C:bdeshare.Surely there must be a way to set Delphis PrivateDir folder to a read/write folder?Help system: Microsoft ceased installing their legacy WinHelp32.exe application in Windows Vista and later.You will need to edit the entry for NET DIR.Windows 7 can be very restrictive towards applications written for the previous versions of Windows.We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.You may also need to go into Options from the BDE Administrators Object Menu and check the Win3.1 box which causes everything to be stored in the cfg file rather than the registry.Exit the Registry Editor window.If you are using a version of Delphi older than Delphi 2007 on Vista or later, to avoid UAC and file virtualization issues crashing your Delphi then you must avoid installing onto a windows created folder!Note that this XP mode runs as a separate machine and is updated as usual by Windows Update, and will need its own antiviral software.

A BDE attribute named Net Dir must be configured to an arbitrary folder other than the root drive (C.Likewise, 32 bit system files are installed on c:WindowsSysWOW64, while 64 bit files are installed on c:WindowsSystem32 thats Microsoft contrarian logic for you!If you are looking for your 32bit odbc drivers, dont look in the Control Panel they are the 64bit ones look instead via c:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe.If the BDE Administrator is not capable of making the change then verify that the permission in the registry has been set properly.Installing key cardrecovery v6.10 build 1210 BDE manually by just installing BDE registry.reg file will also fail, if like me you have exported a Win XP BDE registry settings and then just install these on a new machine to allow it to use a file server based BDE configuration.Now observe the data that fills on the right half of the dialog.Initially, it will be shown.The forthcoming 64 bit version of Delphi will compile 64 bit executables.Your Delphi 32 bit apps do run, but I note that I am getting list index out of bounds with one of my apps running in this mode which does not occur on a XP machine nor on 64bit Win 7 itself as.On another drive on your computer even if user has read/write access if there are read access issues, or if WOW64 File Virtualization makes you look at a different folder than the one you think you are looking.MS Virtual PC XP Mode: a neat little functionality in 64bit Win 7 Pro version is the easy ability to create a Win XP virtual machine to run otherwise incompatible legacy software such as old sybase ASE open client drivers, and MS SQL Server 2000.
The default setting for the placement of this file is in the root of drive C, which will fail under Windows Windows7, as this operating system does not permit new files to be created here.
Note that you will only see this after the BDE has been installed to your system (which should have been done automatically during the installation of your application).