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Plus his manual nikon d7100 portugues robots resemble the Omnidroid with their clawed hands and rotating heads with slits for eyes.
Half-Human Hybrid : They all are former humans who gained alien characteristics from experimenting on Kevin when he was in the Null Void.Multi-Armed and Dangerous : Emphasis on the dangerous part.Leitmotif : Has one that plays whenever he shows.Non-Standard Character Design : His ears are far pointier than Rook's, along with having "sharper" facial markings, unlike most other Revonnahganders.New Powers as the Plot Demands : A running theme was that his powers kept developing over the course of the season.As well as becoming a major enemy of Ben, and one of the few to durably scar him.I Shall Taunt You : Takes a twisted pleasure in mocking No-Watch Ben's black butler opening 1 surprise and confusion before actually trying to kill him.When he and the other evil Ben are referred as such by mainstream Ben, he answers that evil is "relative" Benzarro An alternate version of Ben from a Zombie Apocalypse timeline.He makes this boast when he's frozen Ben 10,000, Kai, and Gwen.Evil Overlord : He rules as the tyrant of his dimension.Hypocrite : His hatred of technology is, as Rook puts it, arbitrary, as technology is just as prominent on Revonnah than any other world.
Make My Monster Grow : Grows to be as big as Way Big during Showdown.
Fisttrick : Knew a guy.

Her picks are Esther (proving she conquered the Kraaho Julie (who was bruised during the fighting one of Fistina's hands (something severed and Rook (something blue).Lightning Bruiser : With his control over time, he can avoid any attack and take down anyone with one attack simply by freezing them in time.Contrasting Sequel Antagonist : Rather than being a subdued, well-known flesh-and-blood megalomaniac in lieu of Vilgax or Aggregor, Malware is mechanical, only has his eye on revenge, tries his hardest to stay off the grid, and is rather bombastic.He's also strong enough to knock down a Tetramand with his bare fists.Traumathized the protagonist when he was a kid for the sole sake of screwing with him?Albedo as Negative Spidermonkey, in, alien Force, Negative Spidermonkey looked exactly like Spidermonkey in, alien Force and.Genius Bruiser Hunting the Most Dangerous Game Karma Houdini : Malware is defeated, Psychobos is arrested, but Khyber still remains at large He also escapes after Albedo is defeated, but this time he loses the Nemetrix.Catch-Phrase : " (random appellation) -and I use the term patch 2014 para pes 2013 pc loosely." The Cameo : It's a blink-and-you'll-miss moment, but he makes an appearance in Special Delivery during Psyphon's auction.