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It is very simple, and actually asks you a series of questions about your preferences.
SConstruct game boy advance version 9 file can specify subsidiary configuration files using the.
The default list is: '.d' dvipdf The TeX DVI file to PDF file converter.
You may specify a name other than SConscript by supplying an optional name script keyword argument.Unlike most builder methods, the R Tar builder method may be called multiple times for a given target; each additional call adds to the list of entries that will be built into the archive.H, -help-options Print the standard help message about command-line options and exit.It can take a while to learn what the reference types are, and what fields each type has available (and which ones are required or optional, etc).For example, a command-line action will print the executed command.
Lexcom The command line used to call the lexical analyzer generator to generate a source file.

Env Environment(tarcomstr "Archiving target tarflags General options passed to the tar archiver.Zipsuffix The suffix used for zip file names.S - numerical superscript style.Additionally, any ( and ) character sequences will be stripped from the returned string, The optional raw argument may be set to 1 if the bin ladens steve coll pdf you want to preserve white space and R ( - ) sequences.Jarcomstr The string displayed when the Java archive tool is called If this is not set, then jarcom (the command line) is displayed.Any options specified in the SHF90flags and cppflags construction variables are included on this command line.F77COM The command line used to compile a Fortran 77 source file to an object file.You only need to set SHF90 if you need to use a specific compiler or compiler version for Fortran 90 files.
By default, scons searches for a file named, r SConstruct, R Sconstruct, or sconstruct (in that order) in the current directory and reads its configuration from the first file found.
See the section "Scanner Objects below, for a complete explanation of the arguments and behavior.