black ops 2 patch 1.09

I, personally, love to see that picking up the Uplink drone has been fixed.
Increased damage through light cover.
Rift funnels and forces tight, intense engagements, where the only way through is forward.ICR-1 Increased recoil stability.Der Eisendrache Balance improvements for the Kreegakaleet lu Gosataahm and Kreeahoahm nal Ahmhogaroc bows.Reduced ADS movement, but no longer lose speed while firing.For one thing, the.Nuk3town map, Calling Card, Reticles, and Weapon Camo are now available to all Xbox One players.Assault Rifles HVK-30 Increased sprint recovery speed.Added new reoccurring challenge, Eight before Fate.Weapons, kVK 99m: Firing sounds will now properly be silenced when using both the Rapid Fire and Suppressor attachments.NX Shadowclaw bolts will no longer remain on the map if the Player is killed by explosive-based Scorestreaks.Watch your step, because one wrong move could send you plummeting back through the stratosphere.Addressed a bug where the Rocket Shield icon wouldnt disappear after being destroyed.At E3 2015, it was revealed that the PS4 and PS3 will now be getting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC before anywhere else.Utilize the unique core movement opportunities to outsmart and outplay enemies as you traverse the suspended rail system.Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Servers Are Currently Down For Some.Facebook, e-mail, looking For More Help?
The recent announcement of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 has thrown the internet into an uproar.
Zombies Spoiler General Blocked an exploit that allowed the players to use the Death Machine indefinitely.

Fixed an issue where players could reach outside of the intended playspace.Increased window of time to earn the Tag and Bag medal.Zombies, general, addressed various exploits across all maps.Reaper, reduced accuracy when firing un-zoomed.HG-40 Increased 3-hit kill damage range.Fixed several bugs game songoku offline pc with the Undead Man Walking GobbleGum.Round no longer expires if a boss is still alive.
Anyhow, check out the patch notes below and see if anything intrigues you!
Specialists, general, reduced Specialist earn rate in the Hardpoint Gametype.