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About these instructions, please read these instructions and, in particular, the following chapter, "For your safety before using the device!
Casablanca MP, installation instructions, asennusohje.
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Related Manuals for Blaupunkt casablanca MP56.For your safety, the device was manufactured according to the state of the art and established safety guidelines.Drive C until you feel some re- This MMC/SD card can now be sistance.scantime" menu item, see pages 123 and 124).If you are installing device yourself.Overview of the buttons Many basic functions during the playback of music, such as forwarding and reversing music, are performed using the rocker switch 3 (using the four functi.The operation of the device menus is described starting on page.Push on the MMC/SD card Note: until it disengages.Remove the control panel as This CD can now be selected human anatomy colouring book as described on page.Press short: Con rm menu item and change to the next higher caution!6 next button 1 button Tuner: Select memory bank (FM1, for detaching the control panel FM2, FM3, FMT) 2 tuner button Settings menu: Go to the next Selecting the tuner as audio menu page source MP3/WMA: Switch between Opening the "tuner" menu "play "browser" and.Menu level Press long: Start scan/station Danger of theft!More Info, page of 69, radio CD SD USB MP3 WMA.As long as the CD is.Nd out from your Blaupunkt dealer or on the Internet at Theft protection m which re- Carry the control panel with you mote controls can be used with in the supplied case whenever this device.Summary of Contents for Blaupunkt casablanca MP56.

Selecting an audio sour ce The device features the following audio sources: Tuner Integrated CD player (can play audio CDs as well as CDs with MP3 or WMA les) MMC/SD card with MP3 or WMA les In addition, the following external audio sources can.Istruzioni d'uso, gebruiksaanwijzing m 1, previous page, next page, advertising.The scan time is line 1 D and indicated by "MIX" selected in the settings menu at the side of the display.Bedienungsanleitung, operating instructions, notice demploi, istruzioni duso, gebruiksaanwijzing m 1 0 00_Titels_Casablanca_dd Inhalt1 0_Titels_Casablanca_dd Inhalt1 12:05:25 Uhr 12:05:25 Uhr.Blaupunkt cannot pages 117 and 118.1 USB connecting cable Do not insert any mini Note: CDs (8 cm diameter) and Remote controls are available shape CDs since they destroy the as optional equipment.Please also ob- serve the following instructions: Observe the following!Trol panel regularly using a soft In addition, the device is automat- cloth moistened with cleaning ically switched off as soon as you alcohol.
Selected as audio source.
Casablanca MP, bedienungsanleitung, operating instructions, notice d'emploi.