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Save up about 120, load up your Wii shop balance (and soon you won't be able to buy Wii points after March 2018 and squirrel away these vanishing classics for the future.
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Play off-TV on the Wii U GamePad.And while Wii was the only console to offer NeoGeo Virtual Console games, most of those titles (and then some) have shown up on Switch and/or PlayStation 4 via Arcade Archives, offering a much greater variety of display and online features than on Virtual Console.With multi-character free-roaming action and a soundtrack that'll make your ears die from happiness, you absolutely need to buy this rare, expensive import on VC while you still can.3, open the Wii Shop Channel, and click Add Wii Points at the bottom right of your screen after the channel finishes loading.Nintendo Nintendo December 4, 2006 E Ice Hockey Nintendo Nintendo December 11, 2006 E Tennis Nintendo Nintendo December 18, 2006 E Super Mario Bros.In nearly every case, there's no easy way to play these games on current consoles.Or update at a discount.Of course, a lot of games on Wii VC have appeared in other formats.It hasn't shown up there yet, though, so for now this is the best way to enjoy some top-of-class animation, artwork, music, and fighting gameplay.