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Isa 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.
Price:.00 CD 140.
Price:.00 186 - The Curse of The Rejected Generation This is a powerful message exposing wsus client updates from internet and showing how to pray for abandon family members, great message for both those abandoned or those who regret they did it to a child and dont know what.Those who have been not claimed as a child.Price:.00 CD 167 - Why Many People Do Not Come For Deliverance This message is from my manual "Who Counsels The Counselor" I share the plain truth about why so many leaders do not come for the deliverance they need.Price:.00 CD 80 - The Demonic Spirits in King Sauls Life and How They Got.Price:.00 CD 119 Deliverance From Suicide Spirits in Youth and Adults Exposing how to pull down spirits of suicide and cut if off both yourself and generation.Price:.00 CD 114 - Powerful Message On Drug Addiction This a powerful message that will help encourage and bring deliverance to those are wrestling with drug addiction and feel their less than nothing, you are chosen and he has not forgotten you.Spirits of rejection, intimidation, rebellion, Witchcraft, Pride and many more took him out.Price:.00 CD 118 - Wisdom Keys of Relationships Practical Insight This message gives powerful insight in relationships to help in breaking the cycle of being in relationships thats going nowhere.This message was preached at Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship Pastor Nadine Bonney in Belmar New Jersey.
Some are opting for the term apostle.

We don't have to destroy each other with our mouths.Download MP3 messages, click here: Shop MP3 cD orders starts here, cD 01 - Men Are Not Crazy Just Different.Price:.00 CD 127 - Deliverance and Politically Correct Language In 1980 the Lord gave me a prophetic word : He said the enemy will use another tactic to bind men and woman up it will be the changing of the language where the definition.One of my most powerful messages on how people use their gifts to hussle the saints.Price:.00 CD 35 - exposing THE charming spirit This spirit is wicked because it hides it true purpose under flattery and sweetness but in truth it using witchcraft to manipulate use into thier will.This message deals with the demonic descent of King Saul and how it relates to what zwcad crack serial spirits are still doing with our modern day ministries, if we dont keep our focus on God.The best teaching I have ever done on the Soul Price:.00 CD 38 - THE latent OR dormant awakining OF THE soul Our true healing and deliverance in life is coming to grips with issues that in times pass we either by choice.Apostle Hopkins give deliverance wisdom on how to identify and defeat them.