clean windows 7 install on new ssd

Make sure all your personal and documents are backed up to a safe place.
In your situation, this change number of desktops ubuntu 13.04 is likely the most optimal approach:.
SSD: m - OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-60G.5 #34; 60GB sata III MLC Internal full shooter games for pc Solid State Drive #40;SSD #41; I want to do a clean install as that is best, but all I have is the OEM disk from asus.Unfortunately, it's not always easy to separate fact from FUD, particularly with so many answers like post #2, which clearly belong in the later category.Do an in-place upgrade of your existing W7 installation.Then perform a clean install with the windows 10 DVD I created.Or anything I need to be aware of?If at the end of this W10 doesn't immediately show as being activated, give it some time.I don't see a sata controller option - will that appear once i hook up the SSD?Upgrade windows 7 to windows.The lappy has two internal bays so I can put it in there.For this, I might also create two partitions, one for data and one that is encrypted, not sure yet on this either, but I know I can do this at a later date.You daemon tools 64 bit kappa can use W10 for quite some time without it being activated, and it should eventually do so automatically.The new SSD is 60GB so will just be for OS and 1 or 2 programs everything else will be on the 7200rpm 320GB HDD.
Should I enable ahci, trim, or Align SSD?
( I will either do the Macrium backup or Restore DVD's not sure yet).

I'd say yes, but not optimal.Create an MS account.( or will these be done automatically due to clean install).Hello all, I have found a few tutorials, but nothing that matches my situation.I am going to follow this tutorial to prepare the SSD: ml, i will turn off Hibernate and Page file (I only have 4GB of ram though so not sure about Page File).So I will be following this first to create the Installation DVD: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows.
A few Questions: Should I turn off page file, or will this still be needed for Programs on the HDD?