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For the industrial robotics groover pdf purpose of this specification, the horsepower formulae may be written: Allowable strength horsepower- Allowable durability horsepower-.
The crane service classification is based on the load spectrum reflecting the actual service conditions as closely as possible.
Suite 300 Washington, DC agma American Gear Manufacturers Association 1500 King Street, Suite 201 Alexandria, Virginia C95- FundamentalRating Factors and Calculation Methodsfor Involute Spur and Heiical Gear Teeth AlSC American Institute of Steel Construction 1 East Wacker, Suite 3100 Chicago, Illinois ansi American National Standards.General Specifications 70-2, Crane Service Classification 70-3.The minimum load to be used shall be established by the dead load of the bridge and or trolley only.4.1.2 Load factors Kwconvert maximum loads into mean effective loads asfollows, and are to be used for gear durability horsepower and bearing life calculations.The kinetic energy released on the collision of two cranes with the moving masses of M, M and a 40 percent maximum traveling speed of V and V shall be, determined from the following equation: The bumper forces shall be distributed in accordance with the.Allowable weld stresses for load combination cases 2 and 3, Sections.2 and.3, are to be proportioned in accordance with Sections.4.2 and.3 structure.3.1 General The crane girders shall be welded structural steel box sections, wide flange beams, standard I-beams, reinforced beams or sections fabricated.Copyright 02000 by Crane Manufa.K, 2(maximum load) (minimum load) 3(maximum load) The maximum load used in the above formulashall be established by using the rated load and applicable dead loads, so positioned as to result in the maximum reaction on the component under consideration.The use of this specification should not limitthe ingenuity of the individual manufacturer but should provide guidelines for technical procedure.This brake shall be applied directly to the motor shaft or some other shaft in the hoist gear train.Table.1.3-1 Machinery Service Factor C,.1.4.3 The crane runway shall be designed with sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent matlab 2011 with crack detrimental lateral or vertical deflection.

The frame shall be designed for rated load.10.2 All parts of the crane shouid be carefully match-marked.Welded Torsion Box GirdersTorsion girders, with the bridge rail over one web plate, are to be designed with the trolley wheel loadassumed to be distributed over a distance of the web plate as indicated in Section r box girders having compression flange areas no more.The individual parts which are clearly separate from the rest, or forming a self contained structural unit, can be classified into different loading groups if the service conditions are fully known.2.2 class A (standby OR lnfrequemt service) This service class covers cranes which may.Contact conductors shall be guarded in a manner that persons cannot inadvertently touch energized current-carrying parts.6 67, Compression (ksi) 121000 with maximum.6 OypFor cases 2 and 3, proportion stresses in accordance with Sections.4.1, 2 and.Load spectrum is a mean effective load, which is uniformly distributed over a probability scale and applied to the equipment at a specified frequency.1 Operating Wind Load (Who) Unless otherwise specified, the lateral operational load due to wind on outdoor cranes shall be considered as 5 pounds per square foot of projected area exposed to the wind.Mentioned in the text are publications of the following organizations: abma American Bearing Manufacturers Association 1200 12th Street,.W.Peterson (see Section :.I.6).