corel photo paint 11 transparent background

This time, I want to select all the game co tuong cao thu dark black areas in the photo, so I will increase the Tolerance to 8: And here is the result notice all black areas throughout the photo are gone just by clicking in one spot: Step 5, now.
Could anyone please Help?Nice little time saver eh?Lets go with 0 Tolerance and you will see how it works: Step 3, go ahead and click on a color in the image I selected this image because I wanted to delete the black colors and replace them with something outlandish! .I'm using PhotoPaint.When I try to lay it over a different komik naruto shippuden episode 656 background I get the star plus a white box surrounding the star.I can open edit them without a problem.Today I am going to write about the Color Transparency Tool, which is a very fast replacement to the tedious chore of using the magic wand tool to isolate specific areas of color to delete them. .
Any assist would be great!
I Have a number.png images with transparent background to edit in Corel Photo Paint.

Step 1, first, we need a photo or something we want to edit. .So, let me game pokiwar tren zing me show you how this works.The lowest tolerance (0) will select only the exact color you clicked. .I'm embarrassed to ask this question because it's so t here goes: I've got a jpg image of a star.The main image is a standard photo, which i want to overlay with a photo i have of smoke taken against a black background, with the end result being just the smoke overlaid on the original photo- how do I do this?Well, with the Color Transparency Tool, all you would have to do is click on any area that is black, and *poof* all the black area in the photo will be removed, all with a single click.Could this be a Corel problem or a Windows (7-64 bit) Problem?
The Color Transparency Tool in Corel Photopaint Delete specific colors in a single click!
So, lets pretend you have an image with a black background with a blue line going across. .