create bootable mac os x mountain lion usb from windows

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Be sure to turn on all monitors that are connected to your Mac because in some multi-monitor codecs for windows media player 11 xp setups, the main display may not be the default monitor used by the Oion installer.
The Mac Oion installer will appear.By creating a bootable install drive, you can perform clean OS.8 installs, install it on separate partitions, and install Oountain Lion on Macs that dont have internet connections.Recovery partition that you can use for troubleshooting.Preparation, the first step in getting Lion onto your USB drive is to obtain a copy of the OS itself.That last link covers all versions of the Mac OS since Oosemite.Purchases tab at the top of the screen.Make the Oountain Lion Install Drive.Select the USB keychain option.Select the disk you wish to erase.Once the erase is complete, you can close Disk Utility by selecting "Quit Disk Utility" from the Disk Utility menu.During the Lion installation process, a special recovery disk partition is created.While slow (read: inexpensive) flash drives will work fine, you'll find that both the time it takes to create the bootable flash copy of the Oion installer, and the time it takes to install Lion on a target drive, will be somewhat long.If you're using a thumb drive that has only 4GB of free space, Lion DiscMaker will remind you that you won't get a complete of Oion package because there won't be room for the "additional speech voices" package.As you know, Apple releases a new OS X operating system every year, and the new OS X can only be downloaded via the Mac App Store (currently Oosemite).If you're buying a new flash drive just for Lion, I recommend buying one of the fastest available.It includes a stripped-down version of Lion that lets you boot your Mac and run a small number of utilities, including Disk Utility.
Launch Disk utility and connect a USB drive to the Mac.

A drop-down sheet will appear, asking if you agree to the license terms.If you would rather create a bootable DVD of the Lion installer, we've got you covered there, too.When finished, reboot the Mac and hold down the Option key to bring up the boot menu: Select the orange Mac OS X option and you will boot into the Oountain Lion installer, from here installation is the same as normal.All you have to do is wait for your Mac to cease displaying its "Copy in progress, please wait." message, which will indicate that DiscMaker has finished installing Lion onto your flash drive.All you need is a few minutes, a copy of Lion, and a USB flash drive with at least 4GB of storage (though more is preferable).In this article, we're going to use the bootable OS X install DVD you created to install Lion on a disk you will erase as part of the installation process.Go to the /Applications/ directory and right-click on Install Mac Oountain Lion.You should have a complete, current backup of that drive, because all data on the drive will be lost.Plug USB into Macbook and run.
Erase Choose, mac OS Extended (Journaled) format Apply.