da form 4856 aug 2010 pdf

57741 (MSN 10111) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5110B (MSN 10112) 57743 (MSN 10113) crashed at Neubiberg, West Germany Nov 22, 1950.
3895 (MSN 227-80) to Japan as jasdf 62-7525.
Later 3-6645 with Islamic Republic of Iran.
To Consolidated, Tucson, Arizona Mar 30, to masdc May 16, to masdc Jul 13, converted to EC-121S.Transferred to Indian AF Nov 28, 1946 as VP (MSN 13567) to RAF as Dakota III KG700.In 1956/57 fitted with Fairchile J44-R jet-pak.Shot down by MiG-21/Atoll near Hanoi, North Vietnam Dec 27, 1972.5235 to RAF as Fortress II FA708.Has been scrapped 1145 (MSN 4434) to Luftwaffe as 3735.Feb 1986 assigned open terminal windows mac to 114th TFS (Oregon ANG Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls, OR; Sep 1988 SOC Owned by the usaf Museum on loan to the Yankee Air Museum, Belleville, Michigan 7556 (MSN 593) preserved at Louisiana ANG, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, Louisiana 7557 (MSN 595).Seen in disposal compound, Fassberg, Germany Mar (MSN 4964) w/o Nov 21, 1983.

To civil registry as N9327Z.7743 (MSN 2379) with 18th TFW crashed on takeoff at Kadena AB, Okinawa Nov 1, 1977.Robin Collard, Del Rio, TX, January 1980.11910 (MSN AF-467) remanufactured by Beech from C-45F 44-47259.I also have a reference to this plane becoming QRF-4C AF362 with 82nd atrs 0360 (MSN 3777) assigned as battle damage repair trainer at Bitburg AB, Germany Dec 1989.To civil registry as N9811Z, F-bkot (struck off register in 1969) 10804 (MSN AF-734) remanufactured by Beech from.Placed on on display at Lowry AFB,.Museu Aerospecial, Campo dos Afonsos, Rio, 1988.To civil registry as N87677 in 1965.To civil registry as N3333G.
To amarc as FP738 Aug 21, 1991.