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Thor : One day, I shall make you proud.
War for the Planet of the Apes.
In Future Shock, after Ma-Ti takes the zap for a little girl, the Future!At the end of the tournament, Maho tells Miho that her way of fighting is different from the Nishizumi style and that she's glad she has eye candy 4000 gimp mac found her own way of tankery.But when Nina finally does while she's possessed by Lamianote unbeknownst to Layla, Layla couldn't be happier.While talking to Face in one scene, Bancroft just can't work up the courage to tell him, but he manages this: Bancroft: Any father would be proud of you.What did make it into the game is that she considers them to be like family.There is the form "I'm so proud of you." Or "We are so proud of you if one can speak for more than one (a mother or father for both parents).While "father" is the most common, "Your mother (or other figure) would be so proud of you is also possible, in similar situations.Although, it's possible that it was simply out of the sheer relief of being reunited with her daughter.Later Toby, musing, thinks that her father would have been proud of her heroics.Elan gets to be on the receiving end of this after meeting his father Tarquin.Spoilers All: Wonder Woman Allan Heinberg goes from the TV writers room to penning the famed superheros big-screen headlining bow.Gendo felt envy toward his son for that.Mandrake : You already have, Kshin.The world is very lucky to have you, and so.

One of them is Norman, your character's father.Darkseid then breaks his back.He calls you out on your bullshit all the time.For you folks with iPads and, google Play on tablets-, theres a ton of great pieces in issue 28 so please check out a free PDF of our table of contents by clicking the link near the top right of this page.The phrase shows up in at least two different picture book based on the children's show Little Einsteins - Quincy's Dream and Annie's Solo Mission.Ashes Of Honor, Toby talks of how proud his parents must be after Quentin breaks them into a place.In the second Jak and Daxter game, Jak leaves the group in a huff right before the critical Class Two race, leaving Daxter to take his place.He doesn't use the words, but lifelong assassin Thane's expression and tone when he realises his son has stepped away from Thane's own path and is spending time with the drell priesthood says it all.Leandra actually tells you this twice, once through written text, again as she dies in your arms.