diary of a wimpy kid old school audiobook

Susan's letter reads " Dear Gregory, We miss you so much!
Greg starts to think there's a camera in Manny's stuffed duck.
They build a waterproof lean-to from instructions from Grandpa's book.Grandpa chooses Greg's bedroom, leaving Greg having to share with Manny, and he's bothered by the long bedtime stories.Rowley is scared they'd make his eyes water, but Greg says no, that's onions, but puts a snorkel on Rowley, then gets juice in his eye, and Rowley says "I told you so".Frew follows, as some of the adults were being a bit annoying, and then a boy from Community Service (at first thought to by Greg to be a bear) shows.The first one in Rodrick Rules, the second one in The Long Haul.A few kids beg to sleep inside but get told.Nuzzi checks on them, and scares them inside with the threat of trouble and Silas Scratch.Grandpa walks to the service station, leaving Greg in the car.Terms of Service, wimpy Kid text and illustrations copyright 2017 Wimpy Kid, Inc.Healey why they put leftovers in a pot and he replies the leftovers get used for stew the next meal.He takes out a plastic tube, but water sprays out and by the time he shuts off the valve, there is a puddle on the floor.During the Bucket Brigade, they spill the water.
Nuzzi's hiking boots and steps.

He tries to leave, but Frew says they should stick together so they could run away and maybe even join the circus.Jefferson shows up, asking where Greg the others are as Julian, Graham and the other one are absent and the three impromptu fishermen are still in the bathroom.Back at the cabin, the cabin is really stinky, so they mop up the water with dirty clothes and put them in trash bags, but the boys themselves stink.One man wanted to do that, but he was not muscly so he got paid to tell folks he didn't drink the water.Jefferson image compressor full version crack then tells the kids to get kindling, but nobody knows what kindling is, so Rowley throws weeds on the fire, which smothers.He talks about how Susan remembers happily how everyone in her town knew each other, but Greg worries that if that applied, the neighbors would ruin his privacy.
They begin to fight, but then a troop of Girl Scouts show.