diy full spectrum led reef light

Corals tend to do better.
Just 9 XPG and 8RB, 5RegB, 2G, 2Cyan, 2 Violet FutureDoc, 12:20 PM # 8 Rustl3r Fuzzy Stick Crazy Join Date: Feb 2011 Location: San Diego Posts: 7,315 Images: 410 Reviews: 35 Basically everything the Doc Said.Royal Blue: 8 Cree XT-E Royal Blue (450nm-455nm).Instead of explaining it, here is the link to the tutorial.FutureDoc, 10:36 AM # 3 d00dyz Plankton Join Date: Jul 2013 Location: Katy, TX Posts: 16 When I had more whites than blues, my corals didn't really pop.Caution should be used at all times to avoid being shocked or burned.Using an AC adapter of 10V and three 10k potentiometers allows you to vary the voltage between 0-10V, thus dimming the drivers.THE SVR2 must BE configured correctly TO prevent damage AND allow optimum performance.When soldering pages and keynote for the LEDs, don't rest them on the heat sink since its purpose is to dissipate heat.While I no doubt thing that the browning was likely the lighting, you can do some interesting things with nutrient levels for color and SPS too.Loop back around and connect the white LEDs that were dungeon siege psp iso skipped and the bottom right royal blue LED.This is a work in progress.
Staggering more LEDs further apart and using narrower optics helps a lot.

That being said, the green spectrum has less photosynthesis relations.At this point the LEDs should function completely and are ready for mounting.48 /.Continue measuring and marking every 2 1/2" until you have 7 vertical lines.Temporarily place the LED's on the face of the heat sink matching the drawing.I heard good things about the radion, but the price tag is a bit steep.I do not care for the 20K look.The optics help the light being emited become more directional, but could cause a "disco effect" if not careful.Circuit 2: Using the second wiring diagram, connect 8 neutral white and the remaining 2 royal blue LEDs in series (indicated on picture 2).