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Dubilier 1912 London, England Small portable wireless set with large integral key.
For info.H.This name is the brand for antiviruses.A drawing exists of the aircraft key with the spark transmitter from a WW1 (1914) French Army manual.Tresco also made tuners and an assortment of other radio parts.The Electro was made in telegraph (No.Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter.These transmitters were originally spark transmitters and were modified into alternating current tube transmitters.2.4/5, August 1995.A very large oil break key with front and back oil cups.Army" initially intended to be stamped in fiber near knob disc under contact button.The CM86 key was used in the CM296 1/2 KW Quenched Gap Panel Set.Early model with tall handle.
Not to be confused with the J-5-A and the J-7-A: the 'A' designation appears to have been appended on nearly identical keys made during the 1940's; one contract pokemon episode 83 english date for J-7-A is 1921.

Two keys were used, with the second key referred to as the "observer's key presumably mounted in front of the observer seated behind the pilot.The upper adjustable contact is connected to the antenna side of the transmitter; the contact on the base to the antenna side of the receiver.It has an interface that is user friendly.Presumably named after Andrew Gray, chief engineer of the Marconi Company in London.Please note that never ever think that these keys offer all premium version.Thomas Scherrer, e-mail from August 13, 2003 on the history of MP-Pedersen.