drama korea fashion king episode 16

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December 28, 2012April 6, Editors Picks Year in Review, Part.
Why deny me the pleasure of dryin em, stopping you cryin.The wording bothers her.Jae-hyuks secretary is a Debbie Downer of epic proportions, as he tells Jae-hyuk that the chances of a successful designer like Anna coming to work for their company are slim they might be big in the Korean market, but here in the world market, theyre.(But hadnt she already been accepted just the klutz book of magic based on her merit before?) Our hero has meanwhile smuggled himself all the way from Mexico into New York City, and arrives at the fashion school via a chicken truck.He points out where they first met up in New York and their old apartment.I love that he just does as hes told, even though it lands him right back in his traveling clothes so was the wardrobe change just for the funny?Bong Sook flips out over her purse and then asks if Ga-young and Young-gul, you know But Ga-young is saved by Young-guls phone call and flirts her way out of Bong Sooks earshot.What hes really come for isnt to discuss their past relationship, but instead to suggest that she stop trying to please those who would racially discriminate against her, and come work for him.She remains cold to him, even when he admits that hes missed her at times.

Does he think dressing like a mafia boss is stylin?She asks him if he remembers her from his visits to Madam Jos boutique with his mother.Tags:, 77 December 27, 2011December 26, 2011 Fashion King holds its first script rehearsal I sincerely hope everybody's in character at this Fashion King script reading, because man, is that a collection of pissy faces or what?After a while, he asks about what happened between Ga-young and Young-gul in New York.Ga-young ended up noticing him when he took a phone call from his mom, and were out of the flashback and back to present Jae-hyuk, who smiles at the memory.She finishes her tirade by telling him that shell use the money well, and leaves.Young-gul says hi and they sit awkwardly beside each other on the flight.
Ga-young is allowed to have sad moments replete with lots of pretty tears, but Young-guls character ended up feeling like unwanted comic relief.