dx8 to dx9 converter

Fixed a several precision issues in the front-end tools that caused a variety of odd problems when working with very long video files.
Simpler version scheme for Bink.
Made BinkOpen use async reads on the GameCube to avoid lock ups when opening the door maximum usable memory windows 7 64-bit at shake it up full episodes the wrong time.Set the alpha bit on in the 5551 format on Nintendo (since they do only have alpha blitters).Rewritten DirectSound layer - much more tolerant of CPU starvation.Clear the sound buffer when using BinkGoto to jump back to frame.Added the Bink SDK manual and cleaned up a few problems in the SDK.Added new Bink for Xbox examples for both normal video and alpha video pixel shader playback.This means that the BinkSetSoundTrack function now takes an array of track IDs to play instead of a single value.X86 and x64 are as lighting fast as regular Windows, and ARM can play 720p 30 Hz video comfortably.Fixed a sound synch bug on PSP2.Fixed a hang that could occur during video playback if you suspended Bink IO, and then ran the buffer all the way down to empty without resuming.

When you make the EXE, you can choose to create a EXE or a SCR.For Wii-U, added a bunch of I/O guidelines - short version is that BinkOpen, BinkGoto and BinkClose should be called on a background thread.Press 'b' to change the brightness of the alpha plane.Fixed crashes in BinkGoto when using GPU decoding and cleaned up seeking in general.Added all new Unity integration for Windows!Added all the changes for the new Nintendo DS version.
Bink 2 how has an Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder plugin for direct Bink 2 and Bink 2 HDR exporting!