episode 8 of game of thrones

We then see Euron Greyjoy speaking with the Commanders of the Golden Company in the Throne Room.
We see Aryas ship heading east, right before theres a time jump of 3 years.
She asks what Gendry will do with Storms End, now that its left unoccupied.
Yara agrees with Jaime.Arya watches this and then gives her a lot of crap about how shes sleeping in their parents bedroom ( 10 for You always liked nice things) and secretly wants to be queen ( 10 for Youre thinking it right now).So its.Two Commanders of the GC are riding elephants.Davos doesnt have a big role in this episode.1 : Subscribe to cable and login with HBO Go 2 : Subscribe to HBO Now without Cable and Stream Anywhere, Anytime.He asks what happened with the baby, on which Jon replies that their baby girl is alive and well.Tyrion smiles and then notices a single Greyjoy ship landing in Dragonstone.Contents, brief Recap (gots06 Season 6 as per plenty of critics and fans alike, Game of Thrones season ham radio deluxe user guide six was undoubtedly the best season ever.Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Leak (Script).The captain asks what a small girl and a wolf are going to do in Essos now that theres peace in Westeros.Arya becomes total badass this time, and leaves the temple of Many-Faced God by declaring herself as Arya Stark of Winterfell, instead of being No-One.Euron and the GC invade the Dragonpit.
As per theories, a lot of happenings can be expected from it, which will create a backdrop for the upcoming six episodes.

Did you yell at your TV?At one point, Drogon unknowingly unleashes his fire, causing the Dragonpit to tremble.Not to mention the one Golden Globe that it grabbed as well.Arya wants to help Jon, fight with him, but the Hound thinks hes done with that shit for now.Scene 4 Kings Landing, euron is seen on the Walls of Kings Landing and sees how Targaryen ships are approaching.Tyrion begs Daenerys not to start beheading the lords of every major political family in the country, a grave rhetorical error that only sets her up perfectly for the 10 chilling line: Im not beheading anyone.The magic of Game of Thrones is that, while watching it, I regularly spend 55 minutes thinking, What has happened?Sadly though, Tommen jumps to his death from his castles tower on witnessing the explosion at the Sept of Baelor, and in turn, Cersei crowns herself as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.Now he has both of them.Sottek, 225 points Top scorer: N/A Special team: Wildlings,.