episode one piece 560

Airdate, august 19, 2012.
Long Summary Edit Hody pulls his trident out of Vander Decken reveals he touched Hody with his left hand at the last minute and throws an axe at him.
His appearance changed after eating too many Energy Steroids (just like Hody did) and drinking at the same time.
Elsewhere in the plaza, Hyouzou is drunk and starts eating more Energy Steroids while a Fishman named Nuru comments this is his chance to become an officer and attacks Zoro.While this is going on, Hyouzou goes on a rampage and cuts down Nuru.Article, videos, a Fierce Fight Begins!Like Hody, Hyouzou's transformation from an Energy Steroid overdose is completely shown onscreen.Ryuboshi and Manboshi see Decken defeated and realize Hody is coming after them.TV Rating.7, rank 5 "A Fierce Fight Begins!Decken says he does not care about them, since he is going to kill Hody first.If Decken were to die, the effects of his ability would disappear.This angers Sanji and he kicks Wadatsumi in the head, confusing him as to who pes 2013 games - softonic is attacking him now.This causes a continuity error and confusion in the plot, since Chopper should be in his Horn Point form, digging underground tunnels in his fight with Daruma, as shown in the manga, and the previous and next episodes.
Before she can, Hody grabs her hair and stops her, saying even a mermaid cannot beat his speed.
Zeo makes Wadatsumi believe that he has to fight for the New Fishman Pirates in Gyoncorde Plaza.

Hody tells Decken he betrayed him first, but destroying the island was a great idea.Back at Gyoncorde Plaza, Wadatsumi has lost the will to fight, crying that his captain abandoned him.In the anime, Chopper in Brain Point form was also seen to be in shock.Zoro says he's weak, but Nuru attacks him and tries to kill him and when he blinds him, Zoro dodges and cuts his lightbulb on his head and Zoro sends him flying.Zeo throws him an Energy Steroid and Wadatsumi starts his rampage, beating Surume and apologizing for doubting his captain.Hody laughs and says he has to kill Shirahoshi before the ship crashes.Zeo makes up a lie and tells him that he did not hear Decken's orders to take care of the plaza for him.
As Wadatsumi falls, everyone around him is blown away as he falls, including Nami.