excel 2007 vba monthview control

Holidays, vacations, catz 5 windows 7 etc.) or just distinguish them from ordinary dates.
Mm The two-digit minute.
Tt The two-letter AM/PM abbreviation (that is, "AM" is displayed as "AM.Value in code, the of diego games full version control is automatically updated to reflect the new setting.Customers who are not licensees of Microsoft Visual Basic.0 nor Microsoft Visual Studio.0 but are using older versions of the two Common Controls.Thus, the format string "XX dddd MMM dd 'yyy XXX" contains two callback fields.M The one- or two-digit minute.The font settings for the control determine the width and height of the control.To declare a callback field, you must include one or more 'X' characters (ascii Code 88) anywhere in the body of the format string.Date picker is not a standard control that comes with office package.By default, CheckBox is set to False and the control always returns a date.The, day property returns the day number (1-31) currently selected.

The control's display consists of fields that are defined by the control's format string.Setting and Returning Dates, the currently selected date in the control is determined by the.See the topic Using The MonthView Control for more information about calendar formatting issues.Font size is set through the Font property.This can be helpful when you want to give users the ability to view date information around the date of interest.This package will not install these Common Controls if they do not already exist on the target system.See "Using The MonthView Control" for more information on how to set up and format the dropdown calendar portion of the DateTimePicker control.When the DateTimePicker is dropped down, a MonthView calendar is displayed.
To select a particular month Click on the month name at the top of the calendar.