excel vba monthview control

The SelStart and SelEnd properties determine which days are selected.
The plus sign represents the shift key, the caret represents the control or ctrl key, and the C represents the letter.The question is which one?Go to the Project Explorer window of the Visual Basic Editor.If you plan to create and edit macros or work with VBA code you will find it useful to enable the Developer tab.The MonthView control also has several properties that return specific date information.It is good practice to give objects more meaningful names so go to the Properties Window and change the Name property to frmCalendar and the Caption property to Pick a Date.The code that creates and operates the calendar has to reside inside an Excel file.
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

OnKey "C" ntrols Insert Date.Delete End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open On Error Resume Next Dim NewControl As CommandBarControl Application.Before proceeding to create the new menu item the next statement deletes the item from the menu.Xlsb to store.The idea is that, if the active cell already contains a date, the calendar opens to display that same date.If you can't see it switch it on from the View menu.You've finished and should have a fully-functioning pop-up ubuntu netbook remix iso calendar.If any of this does not work then the most likely problem is a typing error in your code.This is useful if, for example, you want to store your Add-Ins in a network location.Ctrlpage down Scrolls the display to the next year.
To give users the ability to choose a date with the click of a mouse rather than typing a date value.
Then follow the instructions.