explain james chapter 1 verse 27

Greeting found in no other Christian letter, but in James and the Jerusalem Synods Epistle to the Gentile churches; an undesigned coincidence and mark or genuineness.
O, how happy this love slave, free from care and solicitude as an angel in heaven.
And so we are introduced to the basic theme of James- the machinery of human nature and our evil desires, and how to overcome them.
George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary bibliography Salutem, Greek: chairein, salvari, salvos esse.To him the gospel is a holy leaven.Matured by the word (2 Tim.3:16,17; 1 Cor.13:10).Here note, by the way, these three things:.Jude brother of James (James 1:1 begin their Letters.James, a servant of Jesus Christ Whose name the apostle mentions but once more in the whole epistle, namely, James 2:1, and not at all in his whole discourse, Acts 15:14,., or Acts 21:20-25.Stephano, quia facta est in illa die persecutio magna in ecclesia quæ erat Hierosolymis, et omnes dispersi sunt per regiones Judæ et Samariæ, præter Apostolos.For more on 'The Problem of Soul and Spirit see Digression.
Having the scriptures of the Old Testament, the providence of God so ordered it that they were scattered in several countries for the diffusing of the light of divine Revelation.
But the people in general who were true to Him were also called My servants (Isaiah 43:10; Isaiah 65:8; Isaiah 65:13; compare Psalms lexmark c510 service manual easeus data recovery 7.0 serial number 34:22 and often; Isaiah 56:6; Isaiah 65:15; Isaiah 66:14) and the servants of yhwh (Psalms 113:1; Psalms 134:1; Psalms 135:1; Isaiah 54:17).

Strictly, "bond-servant." The term is similarly used at the beginning of their letters.More lately by the persecution spoken of in the eighth of the Acts.All other rights reserved."Whedon's Commentary on the Bible".The parable of the prodigal son is clearly meant to show the path which we all take whenever we sin.Relation of Epistle to the Sermon on the student of the epistle has failed to notice the sturdy common sense of the writer, and his emphasis on practical Christianity.
Whedon's Commentary on the Bible.