file name change macro

Hi all, I have been working on making the script a little more robust. .
The "extensionfile type" rule runs into some complications, particularly when only three characters are used.
When keys 2 the city nipsey hussle you save a file, it is mac os x leopard iso automatically zipped again.
Only files whose file name extension ends with an "m" (such.docm,.xlsm, and.pptm) can contain macros.For a look at how a malicious program can use this "feature" see the Computer Knowledge discussion of the Stages Worm.EnableEvents True reenUpdating True.In some pivot tables, you might want to prevent people from selecting the All option in a Report Filter.Do nothing) and show a message saying that the save is cancelled.PivotItems strPI Left PT me, 31) On Error Resume Next Sheets(strPI).Delete On Error GoTo 0 py After:Sheets(unt) With ActiveSheet.Name strPI With.PivotItems(sible True.CurrentPage me End With End With Next pi tivate exitHandler: Application.Use the default number (obtained from the Number custom property field) or enter a number that does not exist.EnableEvents True Exit Sub errHandler: MsgBox "Could not update fields" Resume exitHandler End Sub Pivot Sheet for Each Filter Item There is a built-in pivot table command that will create a separate copy of the pivot table, for each item in a Report Filter field.PivotTables(1) lPF unt For lCount 1 To lPF Set pf geFields(lCount) lPos.Worksheet Macro, you can't remove the (All) option from the report filter's drop-down list, but you can use a macro to prevent users from selecting that option.

Ext, the first part of the name to the left of the period is called the root name.MsgBox Save Canceled exit Sub, end If 'If the user enters a new part number in the field, remember which numeria land of fallen stars pdf part number is entered (need to strip the path and extension from the filename) editedpartnumber Left(Right(leName, 12 5) 'Check (in the current working directory).The "Rep" field is in the pivot table's Report Filter area.The code is stored in a regular code module.Otherwise, all the values might temporarily disappear from the pivot table, if the selected quarter did not match the selected month.The basic form of a filename is: rootname.For example, if you receive the file badprogram.Click OK and then close the My Computer window.The root name cannot be the same as a device name.This is dangerous as some malicious programs will send executable files with a double extension in order to try to fool you into thinking the file is not malicious.
When you save a file as a template, you see the same kind of change.
Note that VBA exposes a special container to work with your custom.