film dungeons and dragons the book of vile darkness

Honor Before Reason : Rather than kill his father (so he can't be used for the ritual) and escape, Grayson decides to stand and fight against overwhelming odds.
Batman Gambit : The Nhagruul's entire plan to restore the Book of red dead redemption ps3 game save Vile Darkness hinged on getting Grayson to awaken as a true Knight of the New Sun by not losing hope even while he was forced to constantly break his knightly oaths and bonds.
Maybe this won't be so bad after all.
Despite this, he refuses to back down, since Akordia's team robbed the treasury.The moral dilemmas start paying off, and there's a genuine feeling of dread and menace when Grayson manages to infiltrate the enemy stronghold.It's a Syfy Channel original?!For more reviews from me, check out.They made another D D movie?My thought process when I saw this movie in the TV guide went something like this.Dungeons Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.Teleport Spam : Akordia's ability.Grayson tries to talk him hidden and dangerous 2 patch windows 7 down, but Bezz detonates the necklace anyway, forcing them to slaughter the entire village.Osamotniony modzieniec przysiga zrobi wszystko, aby go odszuka.Dating Catwoman : Akordia and Grayson's dialogue at the end heavily suggests that this will be their future relationship.
It's actually named after an artefact from the game.
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You can practically hear the director yelling, "Cut!Z krwawej rzezi cao wychodzi jedynie Grayson.Token Good Teammate : Grayson The Worm That Walks : Bezz is a Vermin Lord, a type of druidic mage who controls insects and other crawlies and can turn into a large swarm of them.The Infiltration : The story centers around Grayson's infiltration and his attempts to stay true to his honor while not being discovered.Shot in Bulgaria in 2011, it was.Damn it, Wikipedia, you promised me a Mind Flayer for the bad guy!Although why you'd give the hero a Vorpal sword and not let him use it to decapitate anyone is beyond me, and it is weird that the mage is so good in a fight.Meaningful Name : Grayson.Dungeons Dragons universe from the people behind the previous movie.The otherwise quite good introductory prologue is rendered through barely-animated still images, the battles are astonishingly bloodless, especially considering the 15 rating, and the overall villain is just some dude with his mouth stapled shut.Hot Witch : Akordia If You're So Evil Kill Someone : Grayson's initiation into the group he winds up killing another member of the group that was trying to kill him.