firefox for mac 10.10

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes, but there are quite a few aspects that differentiate both browsers which are the most popular in the world.
If Firefox still crashes, disable the Norton Toolbar extension in the Firefox Add-ons Manager (which you may need to do from Firefox Safe Mode ) then exit Firefox completely and reopen.
Firefox vs Chrome: the showdown.
Dll" would cause Firefox to crash at startup, resolved in Firefox.6 and above See Issues related to plugins for more information on detecting and disabling installed plugins and make sure you also check for malware.If the startup crashes persist, do a " clean reinstall " (remove the existing Firefox program folder, download the Firefox installer from mozilla.Plugins can crash within their own code or can cause a crash within Firefox code.To resolve the problem, you can remove SiteAdvisor using the McAfee uninstaller (see McAfee's article, How to uninstall SiteAdvisor for details).Edit Crash when starting Firefox Crashes 1999 pontiac grand prix manual that occur when starting Firefox are difficult to troubleshoot, especially if you also cannot start in Firefox Safe Mode.We'll have to pay attention to tiny aspects and preferences to go for one or another.Those who read your post may be able to look up your crash and find an existing bug report or file a new one for you.
Edit nvidia Network Access Manager The nvidia Network Access Manager, an optional application for network security included with some nvidia products, can cause Firefox to crash unexpectedly.

When you report the event, you should copy the information from the log.In any case, you should know that Firefox has adapted very well to all the changes undergone by the web since it was launched and does so with great efficiency.Anyone can develop them and they're really easy to install from the complement web or uninstall them from the extension manager found in Settings.The success of this browser is due to several aspects, such as the fact of being an open-source development, its performance, its evolution or its add-on system that has been copied by other applications.If you need this application, check for an updated version on the RoboForm for Firefox page or from m/download.Reorganization of the settings.Your operating system's system log may also have a crash report.34 35 Note: If Firefox fails to start after an update, see Firefox does not start after updating with ZoneAlarm ForceField enabled.Safe Mode also disables hardware acceleration, so the problem could be a video device or driver issue ( see below ).
Webplugin" file to another location (e.g., move it from the /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder to the Disabled Plug-ins folder) or else download and install the latest version of Hulu Desktop to update the plugin.
Edit ZoneAlarm ForceField ZoneAlarm ForceField (either standalone or included with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security) may cause Firefox to crash on certain websites or crash at startup.