firefox tab mix plus session manager

Of course, TMP has other great features, such as multiple tab rows, session manager and more but the social scope for twitter two features above is what I mostly want it to do for.
2) Open URL typed into address box in new tab when I press.additional rows of tabs, javaScript decompiling.Session Manager and Crash Recovery.These preferences can also be accessed and changed by entering "about:config" in the URL bar and "extensions.Mozilla removed the originals episode 19 the option "Don't load tabs until selected" from Firefox 47 user interface.
The reopened page will reopen in the condition it was at the moment it was closed - including containing any text the user had typed into text boxes thereon - such as those on a Wikipedia edit page.
This allows the user to recover from a crash, or to deliberately save the current session, to return to it at a later date, or share a copy with another user.

Tabmix" in the filter box to limit the results to Tab Mix Plus entries.The Add-Ons functions include: Duplicates tabs, opens a new tab with the same page and back/forward history.Tabmix" in the filter box to narrow down the results from the search.The last "official release" dog with a blog games to to be compatible with Firefox 2 was version, publicly released on August 2, 2009.Co-developer, "CPU wrote in response: "Concerning the bloatness factor, the extension seems a bit too big but that is only because over 20 languages are included.In turn, the Session Manager extension has additional session management functions beyond those of Tab Mix Plus.The first "development" version to drop Firefox 2 compatibility was the development version pre.090830, which became available on August 30, 2009.There are two TMP features I particularly like to use, neither of which is available in Chrome.Saves the current set of open windows and tabs (and associated history at a preset interval and/or on command.