floating points resident advisor mix

shepherd's approach is also informed by his residency at London's Plastic People and.
How and where was the mix recorded?If you're already familiar with his work it's likely that your access point was "Vacuum Boogie his irresistible 2009 track that despite its languid 116 beats per minute was among that year's major cross-genre success stories.Recorded in a room of my house which is a dangerous mess of records.I get bored of too much of one thing.(And we thusly gave it.What are up to next?I have drum machine, synthesizers and pianos clocked up via a sequencerhopefully it should work!Has your DJ style always incorporated a cross-section of genres?In the meantime I'm working with Fatima for an album, and experimenting with this live project.I should be about ready to record an album with an ensemble that I started a few years back.Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?Shadows, eP was as interesting an interpretation of club music you're likely to hear.However, in this case we're talking about far more than half-arsed Rhodes keys over a 4/4 kick.

Two record players and a mixer, nothing fancy.On tracks like great teacher onizuka episode 2 "People's Potential" the feeling was that a true dialogue had been struck up between the poles of Shepherd's interests.Some of the sounds that emanate from the basement of 147 Curtain Road.Share, floating Points is the recording alias of London-based DJ/composer/producer Sam Shepherd.Been building a studio in London and once I've finished with.Getting ready for a live set at Fabric this Thursday for Eglo's 3rd birthday.What have you been up to recently?In understanding Shepherd's approach to club music, it's important to point out his background in jazz piano and composition.Eglo, the label he co-runs with Rinse FM's Alexander Nut.(If you're in London on Thursday evening, Eglo's 3rd birthday celebration will definitely be worth a look.) In both cases he brings elements of soul, house, disco, techno and bass music to bearand that's exactly what you can expect from.301.If you re already familiar with his work it s likely.
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