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Keep them away from Cell phone addicts and arguing Lawyers.
You may have to jadwal konser ari lasso 2014 let some other things go to make sure you dont lose the html code for smiley face emoticon townies.A new color has been added to the seating Yellow (Y) The Disaster for this Restaurant is Wind Storms.Click on an area of the game screen and she will walk.If you match a customer color to the seat you will earn major bonus points for matching.Click on each table and you will see Table Secured if done correctly.How To Play, main Menu,.Now there is a new disaster in which you will need to find Hal again.Each Restaurant unlocks a special pair of Sneakers you can send to a friend via Facebook that will give them a great speed boost in the restaurant they are used.Customer Type Colors Place at this Table love BL rrbib *ggyove GEL pypbrove BAW ggyove gman pypbrour rrbl ggyove BIT pypbrw rrbove GW ggyl *P*Y*pbrove Bevel 0 In this level you will experience an Earthquake.There are over 1000 combinations available.Click on any level once it is unlocked and you can replay for a higher score.Lovebirds Love Birds Patient.Thyme Square for the parade where more of Hal's men are.Note Friends must have a valid Facebook account.There is a Wind Storm half way through the level.
Click on them quickly to shut them down.
Once Hal is released he will immediately stop the falling leaves.

(See Connecting to Facebook Below for more Information) me Controls Basic game controls are located here.Wind (Restaurant 2 Squid sims 3 aurora skies games4theworld Row) When a gust of wind is coming you must secure the table cloth or it will fly off and make the customers angry and they will leave.System Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, CPU:.2 GHz, RAM: 256, DirectX version:.0, Hard Drive free space:.Avenue Flo/Restaurant 1 Theme Located on the street next to the bus stop.Before a Color Abbreviation Townies Customer Type Colors Place at this Table YL *rbbl *brrw *R*rrbbman brbrbrbl *bbbrrman rbrbrman rbbw rbrbrbrl *rbrl *brbw rbrbrw rrrbbl *rrrbbl *brbrbrbw RBBquid Row Restaurant 2 Level Expert 8500 In this level you are introduced to an new customer.Next to Letter Indicates where Townies are placed.Hungry man - Eats fast and will order a second meal, tips moderately and is nicely patient.
Go from table to table but be careful you do not mess up any chaining you were doing.