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The problem with this is that Stringer has only one actual arm while Von Ness is shown to have two, not carrying a weapon that would replace one arm.
He also has blue spikes located on his shoulders for defensive purposes.
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Former Hero, affiliation, hero Factory (Formerly weapons, gravity Weapon, black Hole Orb Staff (Formerly).While all of the heroes are distracted by the escapes he wants to take advantage to get away with his plans.Von Nebula carried the Black Hole Orb Staff, which was used to create black holes for battle and transportation.One would need the original Stringer set and the Von Nebula set.Von Nebula stripped away their weapons and devices and began draining their Hero Cores.Von Nebula returned and demanded the rings, attacking Stormer because he knew "Stormer always has to take the glory".quot;s What's the guy got, some sort of inter-dimensional portal that he can just travel through to get away?" "Well.Also check, how to run Unity games or you can ask for help on our forum.First, Von Nebula issued out a false alarm meteor strike warning, to gain the Alpha 1 Team 's attention, then he sent Corroder and Thunder down with a Nebula Gas Cannon.
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After escaping the prison via the destruction of his own weapon, Von Nebula went into hiding.Von Ness blamed Stormer for what had happened and vowed cool edit pro 2.1 demo revenge.He went onto the roof to stop XT4, Toxic Reapa and Voltix from escaping that way.He traveled with the rest of the team (minus Thresher) to a prison which was under attack by the Legion of Darkness, lead.Shortly after heroes Furno and Rocka seemingly arrested Voltix far too easily, Voltix appeared to release some sort of entity of Von Nebula which shattered the orb on his staff.He then sent Corroder to attack Penitentiary 1331, a prison under construction on Tantalus.One could spin the blades on his weapon for added play value.Von Nebula, Von Nebula, von Nebula, original form, von Nebula.However, he realized that he did not choose to be a Hero and that this was not his fight so allowed the villains to escape, this began his path to becoming a villain.Error description : Email (not required).
Lastly, Von Nebula sent Meltdown to poison Stormer with nanobots, causing the Hero to go berserk.
Status, alive, location, inside the Black Hole Orb Staff (formerly Unknown.