games for pc 2mb

62 3,703 27 KB Gustav, 2003 He must escape the mental institution before it explodes.
67 4,054 4 KB Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount, 2002 If you've ever felt like pushing someone down the stairs.
Also, press 'P' at the menu for the controls, it doesn't use the arrow keys!).
(Like I said, it's hard to explain.) The graphics are pretty average, but it can be fun in short bursts, but it sometimes can very difficult.77 8,076 527 KB Stick Soldiers pages and keynote for 2, 2003 An awesome shooting game in which you kill stick people with cool guns.(Note: As usual, get dosbox or a slowdown program from the.Breath taking game play, amazing physics, windows XP/Vista 500MHz 128 MB RAM.Small Games - Page 3, advertisement, number Munchers.
Nick Andren, 1988, help your kids learn multiplication, factions, inequality, and other mathematical concepts with this learning game.

UrthWurm BdR, 2002 This game is a pretty unique concept that's hard to explain.Pretend that you're an editor at a web site that just came across a prototype phone from a fascist-like computer company.You should then get a menu of different stress tests and what subsystems they stress the most.We all know that we should be using multiple passwords for multiple accounts.The Gmail Notifier displays an icon in your system tray whenever you receive new messages, displaying subject, sender, and a snippet of the message.This game doesn't feature great graphics or sound effects, but it is definitely a good teaching tool to help kids learn some basic math skills.79 224,498 60 KB Booger Dundee, 1998 You, a booger, must do as many tricks as possible from a rope.79 10,174.37 MB Simutrans, 2003 Transport goods, passengers, and mail between cities.In Pango the object is to kick around blocks (of ice in the arcade, here they just look like.57 4,191 40 Kally Sport, 1999 This is an awesome 3D DOS racing game.
(It runs at a good speed without using a slowdown utility.).