german shepherd dog pictures

Nose must be black.
Nails must be strong, dark colors.On the head, especially inside the ears, on the front of arc welder for chromebook the legs, feet and toes are short, the neck is ssrst longer and richer.Motion, the German Shepherd Dog is a trotter.Click on the smal pictures to enlarge.Upper incisors must not exceed a gap lower teeth.Faults Conditional culled from breeding - Character weak, biting and nervous dogs - Dogs proven difficult, intractable - Monorchid and cryptorchid dogs clearly irregularly developed krnlmi testicles.Head and Skull, the head is wedge-shaped, corresponding to body size.Neck, the neck is strong, muscular and not have loose skin fold (lobe).Black saddle and mask.The nose must be in all shades of color, black.Femur and tibia are about the same length and have an angle of 120 degrees, thighs are strong and well muscled.It is observed awards.Defective is also a straight line incisors.Elbows must be both in attitude and in the adjacent movement, but loose, it may not be too tight.Dogs do not meet the prescribed height by more than 1 cm above or below the threshold.
Operative intervention is prohibited.

Correct body structure and angulation is manifested yields courses, stride close to the ground and gives the impression sedulity.Wrist has a length equal to about one third of the forearm and has to form an angle of 20-22 degrees.Hock is powerfully built and strong pasterns stands at right angles to the hock.German Shepherd Dog has erect ears of medium size, mounted vertically and regularly.Feet are round, well closed, arched toes.YouTube, play, news, gmail, drive, kalender, google √úbersetzer.Too steep position metatarsal and wrist (less than 20 degrees as well as too soft thoracic limb (angle greater than 22 degrees) significantly reduces the yield of movement and endurance dog.
Coat, the skin must be adjacent and not forming folds.