gothic 2 patch 1.33

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Schau lieber vorher mal nach, ob nicht jemand bereits das gleiche Problem geschildert (und erfolgreich behoben) hat :-) Danke.Reply With", 18:40 #2, hi, eigentlich gibt es ja schon dafr einen thread!Eine Alternative dazu bietet unser eigener.Reply With", 17:16 #5 hi hm welche exe-datei ffnen?Introduced absolute carrylimit (strength x 140 in ounces).Enchanted druid dagger heal now only works for Druids.If I couldn't make just one I want, how can I make 6 of them?Instead of a rogue I want to chief architect better homes and gardens home designer 7.0 have, dice makes me rolls good enough for sometimes a mage or sometimes a warrior or sometimes for nothing I could think of, but not game the evil within for my weak, squishy and somewhat ugly pickpocket/picklocks/cheat expert rogue.Reply With", 17:26 #4, du musst den vdfs-Patch nicht immer erneut runterladen.Haggle-checks for traders are now harder, kicking out is a lot sooner.Einfach die Datei speichern, entpacken und dann vor dem Start des Spiels die exe-Datei ausfhren.Female trader names now are also female avatars (at General Goods, Weapons, Herbs).Gothic II Support FAQ, herzlich willkommen im Supportbereich der offiziellen Gothic II Website.
PS: Den "richtigen" vdfs-Patch gibt's hier:.chmentid25660, reply With".
Actually characters cannot be equal, and not even boring.

Here are some of the changes.Knntest du mal den Link zum Download geben?Reply With", 17:19 #3, ich hatte das selbe Problem mit "Access Violation aber der vdfs Patch hat geholfen.Info, download, do NOT use these patches on non-German versions!If you read, and I hope you did, I tried to make a rogue with minimum 12-13 on his three significant skills and with 8-9 on strength and charisma, leaving dice to determine randomly values on initiative, constitution (um or something) and negative traits where.I knew what I want and with their character creation option I've made.As you may see there, I've deliberatley eyebags and dimples pdf gone with utterly negative values on some skills.Der besteht nmlich nur aus einer exe-Datei.Ich hab da nur die vdfs-cfg datei sonst nix.Tavern dialogue made cancelable without the need to leave the tavern.
In RoA remake character creation, with dice, I can't come even close to what I want - with just one character.
Reply With", 17:34 #6, keine Ahnung, was du da runtergeladen hast - der G2-vdfs-Patch war es aber bestimmt nicht.