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Now, to celebrate that kickass moment, Ford has dressed up its new Ford GT in some heritage colors.
They learned at an early age that gold goes well with a Corvette.It's been six years since Ford stopped making the GT, and forty four since they last won.Americas proudest moment as a country came in 1967, when Carroll Shelbys team.So, Mitsubishi left the socket in the engine during the engines initial assembly, but theyre only willing to pay for the fees of determining if the forgotten socket caused damage if there actually is damage.Meaning, if the dealership says its mechanically fine, then.I also cant help but see the desert racing dune buggy like stucture thats been hiding under all that sports car.Brian and Chris call their creation the Van Damme Vette and it reminds me so much of my Baja Pig!
EvolutionM forum and managed to fish the socket out from the little nook its been nestled in for over a decade.

If the socket was a commonly available one for home mechanics, like a Craftsman or a Snap-on, that would be suspect; but the make of socket fitting with whats used at Mitsubishis factories and the worn spot on the socket sure seem like this.Brians entering it in the Detroit Gambler next Spring and you can astaro vpn client windows 8 follow the build on Brian Ballingers and, chris Smiths Facebook page.Amazing what a set of 31" tires will do for a Corvette.Its the one Barbie drove.I actually dont know that much about Corvettes but I can only assume that the factory gas tank was somewhere near the rear bumper and all the stuff that Brian cut games for pc 2mb off.Hgtv Magazine, sAVE 50, food Network Magazine, sAVE.But this Corvette is different.You see this pull up and you pray hes not here to pick up your daughter.To which I explained its akin to finding a fly in ones soup, but didnt get sick, however it doesnt explain how or why theres a socket there in the first place.
In the meantime, I guess Chris can enjoy the use of one well-lubricated and slightly damaged socket?
I pay the fees.