html code for font size and color

4 For detailed information on color names and codes, see the method above or try these examples: span style"color:red" This makes red text.
For more precise color selection, you'll need to know two more concepts: Each of the three color values is a two digit number.Place a tag in front of the text you'd like in color.Fonts add character and originality to sites, so long as they're not winx club season 5 episode 14 overused or unreadable.font color"FF0000" The code #FF0000 is the same as the color name red.Instead, define a CSS class in the head of the document, so you can refer to it with a shorthand every time you want to use that style.However, generally people are no longer encouraged to use the font tag and instead to use CSS to.Answered, in font size.-put number size where?font face"Calibri" This is Calibri text /font Simply replace Calibri" with your chosen font face and replace This is Calibri text" with your text.Its important to note that if a user doesnt have the font face installed on their computer that you used in your html code, the browser will likely default to Times New Roman.There are many websites that list hex color codes, or that let you pick a color on screen and tells you the hex value.To define the color of you font in you html codes for text, simply replace the #330033 which yields below with a color code of your choosing.Use CSS Styles instead!
And you want to set its font size.

The font size it appears to be depends on styles (in the output) or your software settings (in the source).Now this kind of thing is handled using CSS, in order to maintain separation between the content structure and its presentation.Learning basic html codes for text increases your creative options and provides you with the means to create personalized text for your website, blog, or email.At one time, however, we used the tag, for font faces, size, and color.Font colors are creating using a mix of the three primary colors, which forms a hexadecimal code.font 4, use a hex color code instead.
To make small adjustments, just change the second digit.