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Random Stat: Carded a 79 although still lost the match with a bogey.
We had a solid two hour lesson and then I stayed on the range working on what he wants me to do until the sun set 3 hours later.
worked a lot on putting and mid-iron striking. Fun day and plenty of golf action to watch on the TV after.Played the front well, then fell apart a bit on the back.Click Click Boom An explosive montage dragonvale hacks no jailbreak worthy of Michael Bay.November 14: Warmed up for a while on the range and then played 36 holes of true link style golf, which was completely new.Put in two hours of putting and am glad I did because its really starting to work for.February 11, 2014: Finally an outdoor range was open and the roads were clear enough to drive today.August 23: Visited the chiropractor in the morning and then went to Heron to play 18 and then to cecc to practice and play another.I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that the greens were amazingly slow.Random Stat: shot my first ever eagle.Random stat: Unfortunately, I really didnt keep stats today, just worked on my form. Afterwords went home to pack up for tomorrows trip.Woke up feeling under the weather and achy, so figured it was a good chance to get some sick training in because you cant take a day off on Tour, so its good to know how your body functions in that situation.Xmas Sale: Coaster Set An amazing set of Adult Swim coasters is being sold for an absolutely incredible price.Random Stat: shot 4 over for 36 holes of par 3 golf.Had plenty of energy, but not enough to pull off 2 PM hours.

I figured out a bit of what was going on in my swing yesterday and it felt pretty good to be able to self-diagnose, although I would like to be to the level where I can do that on the course, just isnt quite happening.Daily average: 77 July 2: Went out to meet Christopher at the Nike golf facility (where they made my clubs) and then headed to Pumpkin for a lesson. 5,719 remain. 5,092 remain. It clicked and I realized what I had been doing for the past three days.That means it will take someone at least four turns to cut their way out with a good weapon, and up to 20 turns if they're barehanded.(Keep hitting it long past the greens from.January 9: Started off the week with an intense, albeit short, training session. Thats two sicknesses already this fall, which is very unusual.