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More Samsung Models Added: G389F v More Common Functions Added in ADB ToolsTab: Deal with Partitions and Files (Write, Wipe, Reset FRP) need Root Rights.
C3300i,T109,T119 added (dunl, IM,FL) E1225T,E1225T-IND, E2121L added (punl, PIM,FL) Notes:.Mixing of EU IND MEA SEA Files causes Blinking or Dead Sets.
UFS_SAMs v trident vision M2513 added (UNL, cunl,IM, FL) swift Added MCU_Id and Type Display.
Increased Preloader boot speed.Only NU48F256 left in 1331 option and moved to BB5 Tab.BB5 RAP3Gv40 Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:.This installer contains a new Update Client (v) which will fix a -3 issue which some users have had, this was caused by having a HWK firmware version less than.04, .g.Common Refresh will Show Avalaible Ports List with Full Names.Note: to Read Certificate use Read E2P button.To Download KDZ Files use Get Imei or Enter imei and then use Download To Repair Numbers use curity and then ttings in OEM ToolsTab.Fixed APE bug in COR dragon ball z full pc games files flashing.
Note: To use USB Select USB in Baud ComboBox.

Dll.2.7,.8.30 then you are still using the latest drivers and you should try the above process again.Digits, SN, BT, game psx klonoa volleyball WiFi Rebuild Enabled.You must update your HWK using client, old client versions will no longer work.If you need any assistance please contact.August 22 HWK Release The Official release is ready in our download area.Corrected VPL parsing for some models (N97).Unlock and unfreeze added for these models: A736, A737, F490, G800, G800L, M7600, S5600, U900W, Z400, Z 540 We would like for some users to add localisation in their own native language to the software, localisation is added to SAMs only at the moment but.Cross CID Flashing, flash Recovery for Dead Phones, empty Board Programming.The chosen language is your native language or you are fluent in the selected language, for example Chinese is not my native language and I would like someone to take over from me and finish/correct as required.Improved path search routines.Common Fixed bsod bug on W7 x64 when Connect Box.
(Need to have.pac File) For Dead Devices Flashing, use Re-Partition Option.