inazuma eleven go 2 chrono stone episode 1

I recommend this to all sports anime fans out there.
The plot was amazing, there were right amount of characters and conflicts, the music was amazing, it really made you wanna go play soccer for no reason, the theme is great, etc.It hits close to home, mainly in the form of Mihashi, not gonna spoil,.Back you can provide Games Xpress for not more ordinary misfortune innovation!Mihashis relationship to his team is interesting and complicated, but it feels nice.Compared to other sports manga, I would say this one fairs better not because of artwork, but demonstrating human-like character traits and strong story.The most addicting soccer anime I have ever watched!

Character development is off the charts, too, and so real.But it has only 52 episodes and the last 10 is not canon, you have to refer the manga after that.One of my favorite anime ever.And no fancy stuff you feel is made by some desert thunder pc game random nerd who loves spaceships.It's writen by the same author of Captain Tsubasa although this anime is much better in the storyline, art and it's also intriguing.They're all mere humans.