install framework 3.5 windows 8.1

In the next step of my struggle, I tried to install it gary smalley hidden keys to loving relationships from the.
Did lots of analysis, tried various methods to install the framework but all failed.
Control Panel Programs and Features Turn Windows features on or off.NET framework.5 (includes.NET.0 and.0), as shown here but that was also not a good try for.
RepairContentServerSource that is located in the, branch, or a group policy.The roles and features setup wizard Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 R2 allows to install two different versions.NET Framework at a time.5 and.5.If it comes with the default installation, people will not face such kind of issues that I faced while installing.NET Framework.5.The.NET Framework package is available under the sourcessxs folder of the Windows installation media and if you try to find the framework installer, you will not get it there.This is really a hectic job but it should not be that much problematic if the Windows installation provided me the.NET Framework.5 by default.

Didnt get any proper solution in the forum too.Read my next point to know more about.I tried it twice from the same installation package and when failed, tried to download the installer from online by clicking the.It might take some amount of time reading the whole post without directly providing the solution but I know, it will be a good read for you to understand the whole thing.This way the end user will not suffer a lot downloading and installing.I was shocked when I saw the system asking.This is done under the concept.