jquery submit form post serialize

In jQuery ajax Form Submit Example, I have explained how to submit a html Form asynchronously using jQuery ajax API.
Im no MVC expert, so I thought there might be a conflict with the way MVC was handling the form data.
Edit: Checked var_dump post) and it returned an empty array.
Although you would probably never do this, you could even wire up the ajax like this: / submit the form data via Ajax So when the user moves their mouse over the textbox, the form will automatically be submitted via ajax (kinda neat)!Since the serialize call has no way of knowing what actually submitted the form, it doesnt submit the triggers value with the form data!The weird thing is that the same code tested on my local machine works fine.To stop multiple form submit.I figured something was just wrong with my html, but everything looked good.
To support Old browsers, we can use hidden iframe technique where form target is set clock tower 3 game to hidden iframe.
Here is an example that will work off the same html as above: script type"text/JavaScript".ready(function var vote_form vote_form var buttons vote_form input ick(function alert Posting data.

E.unbind multiform.submit /Submit the form, above code works fine in all the html5 browsers, but it doesnt work in old browsers.Also tried _post email_request"email telefon_request"telefon Can you please tell me what am i doing wrong?Back to the form.I tried doing an old-fashioned form without using jquery and all data is correct.This is form Simple html forms.Well use jQuery.serializeArray modify returned array and post it using jQuery.post.Maybe I was using bad characters?FormData, aPI to read the Form data and use.ajax aPI to submit the data.
See how the rialize is just another part of the event handler?