kotonoha no hana cd 1

It just makes you scream in delight!
I meant Hasebe and Yomura.
He was shaken and hurt by the real voice of her heart that belied the sweet front that she showed him, as well as the thoughts of all the people around him.One day, he meets Hasebe Shuuichi (Ono Daisuke a co-worker and is surprised to hear his thoughts of love for him./ summary intro on Christmas three years ago, Yomura Kazuaki (Kamiya Hiroshi) suddenly acquired the ability to hear the thoughts of his fiancee whom he proposed to the night before.This is where he met his other halfor soon to be; (P) Hasebe Shuichi(?).Im not visual basic studio 2010 express full version really sure, cause sometimes I heard HiroC called him Hasabe Shoichi.Forgive this self-rambling of mine.Jealous Yomura is truly love Though sometimes I feel like Hasebes feeling isnt really conveyed enough.Aside from the plot, I really fond of the BGM. He was given a second chance to not ruin his life by spending them with a person that just doesnt love him.The plot is about a man, name Yomura Kazuaki whom miraculously be able to listen to peoples heart/mind 3 years ago.Full translation for this CD is provided by namonai_drama ; and can be found: here.Yes note that, bLCD and as a, pAIR.Original Novel by: (Sunahara Touko) *Translation available!He felt dejected and more anxiety when he saw Hasebe with a new employee (a woman) from their store inside a restaurant.

When Hasebe found out about Yomuras ability, his reaction is something he has not expected!Edit: I forgot to add this, my personal opinion about this Drama.To be honest, this is my first time listening to OnoD/HiroC as a pair in blcd.YOU Awesome angst voice YOU!) When he excuses himself with his angry, but got to control yourself voice, it makes my heart squeals (am I a M?).Yes, his happiness is just for a few weeks, and the his heart was full of anxiety and doubt cause he no longer can listen to peoples thought around him.Moreover, OnoD hereI mean Hasebe is really an awkward person, so he didnt really shows much of emotion on his face and words too.Cause I love it like this Uke that not feeling any anxiety and pushy is not cute xD LOL wth?I love the scene or situation where Yomura went to the restroom and saw Hasebe with the new employee (forgive me for forgetting her name) chit chatting happily.This resulting him to quit his job and work in, if Im not mistaken, a computer store as a promoter.He offered to wait for him earlier but gets rejected and there his lover is, with a woman.
Where humans thoughts no longer haunting him.